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Of Monsters and Produce

A year ago, I spent the summer consumed with anxiety due to events out of my control. It took all my strength to cope. When I should've lost myself in writing, I ran from it. Writing became another anxiety trigger, but I longed to create. Instead, I just stood still and vibrated at high speeds in one place -- if I did create, it was through design, and not writing. I felt like I was cheating. I should've been writing, right?

It was miserable -- the type of miserable that takes small bites out of your soul. When the school year began, I was happy to distract myself with work.

We fast forward a year later to find myself in a very different place. The aforementioned anxiety has been kept at bay, but something new is on the horizon: I'm about to have my first art show/exhibit.

It's a very different reason to stay awake at night.

While I am not necessarily whiling away the remaining days of my summer, I have thrown myself in preparation for this so-called show that will ha…

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