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On Albums, EPs, Singles, and Rough Demos

Last month, I wanted to engineer a way to help me create/post more art and tell more stories. I love traipsing around in styles and themes; I find it difficult staying in one lane. After working and practicing for five years, I realized I often circle back to different concepts. Over winter break, I decided that I would do a concept-a-month -- I would have the freedom to create anything, but I would focus and post ONLY that style or concept for the month. I even created the calendar. It was the perfect plan, until it wasn't. It was actually me just painting myself into a corner. And alas, if you look at January, you never did see any robots, did you? Here's the thing though: I love music. I 🧡 the idea of concept albums. The Demberists's "Hazards of Love," Green Day's "American Idiot," and Anaïs Mitchell's "Hadestown" all come to mind. The obsession with Taylor Swift's "eras" is on point. Each album has a different sound,

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