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Some Kind of Journey: Teaching Art Camp

If my words don't make much sense this fine evening of watered-down, oh-my-gawd-will-this-rain-ever-stop nonsense, it's probably because I am much too tired to complete sentences.

You see, I've spent the past three mornings (and two more to boot) with elementary school-aged children, leading them through the trappings of an art camp: paint, clay, drawing, zines, clay, more paint, snacks, insanity, ohmigawd clay, paint, and WHY IS YOUR TONGUE RED IS PAINT NON-TOXIC STOP RUNNING AROUND HOW DID YOU GET ALL THAT BLUE PAINT IN YOUR HAIR WE'RE OUT OF PAPER TOWELS HOW IN THE HELL ARE WE ALL STILL ALIVE AFTER THREE HOURS OF THIS CHAOS?

This art camp, at first, seemed like something so simple.

"Oh," I said to myself. "I teach middle school (their hormones are the worst), understand classroom chaos, and love art. I have planned out multiple projects, and I believe I can handle such a task. I know it will not be easy, but I am up for the challenge."

Three day…

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