Don (Monster) Juan

I've been focusing a little more on digital sketching as of late. It's both better than working in a notebook with a traditional pencil...and worse. Using a stylus against a glass screen just isn't the same as actually sketching -- the friction is missing, and that feeling of lead against paper has a romantic feel to it.

Then again, the iPad still senses pressure points, so when I push harder on the iPad, the pencil line gets darker or thicker. While it mimics real life drawing, it has a sterile feel to it, even if the final product looks legitimate.

Using a drawing app has the upperhand because I can tap the screen a few times and erase any sketching mishap without the annoyance of those ghosty pencil lines...and I can save my sketches as a timelapse video.

When the Apple Pencil first came out, much like most non-Apple enthusiasts, I scoffed at the $100 stylus. Like, seriously?

But then I had the opportunity to get an iPad...and I had some moolah waiting in the drank the Kool-Aid and purchased that bloody stylus.

And that stupid thing really is a game-changer.

Insert 🙄 here.

Fine, Apple, you win this time.

But there's still something missing, so much so that I did I use my 40% off phone coupon at Hobby Lobby on a small set of Faber-Castell sketching pencils.

Because, if it can't be Crayola, it's going to be Faber-Castell.