"The Magic Order" by Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel

I forced myself to read yesterday. It was rainy out, and I didn't feel like creating anything -- I had just spent over an hour sketching in my notebook. I didn't want to invest time watching something, so I looked for a graphic novel to pass the time.

Lately, I enjoy comics/graphic novels because you can read so much in such a short time, and the payoff in talent, entertainment, and story are huge.

I haven't picked anything up of the superhero variety, yet, but look for series that I can read within the realms of digital checkouts through my library. I'm a fan, but I don't want to invest the money in buying endless copies. I have no where to put them.

I'd rather get all the issues bound together from the library or just read on one of my many devices -- I don't mind reading from a screen.

I'm glad I found "The Magic Order" when I did, because I didn't have to wait for other issues to come out -- the story arc was complete once I got to the final page. I researched the book after I finished it, wondering if there were more.

As of now, what I've read is it -- but there's supposedly a sequel in the works.

The creators wanted to play around with the idea of magic with the secrecy of the mafia. The magicians work ordinary jobs, but they play an important role in keeping the monsters at bay so the rest of humanity can live out their existence peacefully.

The head of this magic order is the Moonstone family, but the magician leadership starts to get attacked by another sect of magicians. Someone wants to dethrone the Moonstone family from leadership.

I can't go into much detail without giving spoilers away, but walking into the story knowing nothing, it was a highly satisfying read -- something that recharged me to want to read more.

And with summer around the corner, I'm going to look for a pile of different graphic novels and comics to keep me entertained.