Project: Tackle Box

The goal: a tackle box.

The purpose: not for fishing supplies.

Because I hate fishing. Oh my God, do I hate fishing. You might call it sport and enjoy taking the obligatory photo of holding up that small fish you finally caught after five hours, but I call it dull and would rather jump overboard and join the fish.

Now, fishing lures, on the other hand... A good, hand-made fishing lure has an artistic quality, and I would gladly assemble a mobile for a baby's room using those brightly colored, tied-up, fish-catching mechanisms. Catch a baby's dream with a beautiful fishing lure?


Catch a bluegill?


Collect all them stinky bits from the remains of a day out on yonder boat and stick them in that yellowed, plastic 1970s tackle box? Fill 'er up with bloodied metal hooks that clog the pockets of the box with dried-up fish guts? Suit yourself and go...continue to bore yourself as you gaze upon the rippling waters of that gross, rejected, retention pond.

I'll use my 1970's tackle box for something that doesn't contain cold-blooded DNA.

And here I thought I was so awesome for wanting to rethink the design of said box. Talking to an art teacher just yesterday, she mentioned the use of an old tackle box for all her chalk pastels, and I nearly wilted with dramatic, but artistic, swooning.

You mean...I'm just some pedestrian artist? This new use of a tackle box isn't...original?

Back in the 80's, artists were already tackling their projects by keeping their supplies tucked away in their own fishing container?

While my originality is, like, totally bummed out, it hasn't stopped me from distributing different artistic supplies throughout...not one...not two...but three different tackle boxes.

I am now the proud owner of three tackle boxes filled with different materials to help me illustrate, and I feel like I'm ready for the major leagues.

Well..maybe not the major leagues. I'm more likely ready for the minor leagues.


Okay, well, more accurately, I think I'm ready for the pee-wee leagues.