Monster Forms 2

OHMIGAWD my phone takes the worst pictures. I'm gonna hafta use my Big Boy Nikon to begin documenting this journey called "illustration."

Like, look at that?

Don't look at me like that. Put your bougie monocle down. I am not going to buy an iPhone. I don't care what your cult says about its photo capabilities. I've seen your cult members take terrible photos with the iPhone -- so it's not just the technology. It's the user.

And look at me...I'm that said user.

Me. Not. Know. How. To. Use. Phone. Beep. Boop. Beep.

I'm on the verge of asking my grandchildren to set up my new laptop.

I do have an iPad. It's even an iPad Pro. Perhaps, I just go and use that camera for the time being until my phone and I stop fighting.

On the right is the monster form I created. I had an idea that it might be a lady monster, but I wasn't sure about the details.

I'm still mortified about the photo quality.