Dice Drawings 1

With the flick of the wrist and a roll of the dice, I can come up with random topics to illustrate.

I will also pull a white rabbit from within this spectacular top hat.

I'm aware of all the different brainstorming and free-writing techniques that exist for writers, but as a wannabe illustrator, I'm not sure what's out there for play and practice, but as a writer, I've already got some tools to jump start idea generation. For years, I've owned a couple sets of dice called Rory's Story Cubes. One set is the basic one with images of objects that you can use to spur your imagination. I also own one that includes actions.

If they can be used for writing, why couldn't I give them a good shake for drawing?

So I did, and while they're not the most amazing pieces to date, I enjoyed it because it was almost like someone telling me what to draw without, well, telling me what to draw. Sometimes creativity needs restrictions.

Here's the box...now, create within it.

Also, as a teacher and an adult, I enjoy someone telling me what to do for a change.

I often see artists and writers cower at blank canvases and pages -- the world so much their oyster they get trapped inside it. No pearl. Just anxiety.

Having a few rules has never hurt anyone.  This has series potential with additional illustrations, but until then, here are two illustrations I came up with because...

*creepy whisper*

...the dice told me to do it.