Apparently I Design Rooms Now

Tonight's adventure was inspired by our new kitchen mats. I'm in experimentation mode. My goal right now isn't necessarily to create something amazing, but to be inspired and then just mimic, play and see where it takes me. 

Color palettes are a weakness for me. I understand why colors go together, and when I see a pleasing combination, I'm definitely one to share it on one of  my Pinterest boards to file away for later, but when it comes to creating my takes a moment. I can't just see it. I have to go through all of my colors and scribble them out. 

It's a science.

Let's just say that tonight, I was inspired by the show "Home Town" on HGTV. While y'all are groping your way to the Magnolia store in Waco, Texas...the wonderful town emblazoned in history, not by Chip and Joanna, but by David Koresh, I'll be driving my jalopy down to Laurel, Mississippi to hang out with my pals Erin and Ben. 

The home owners on "Home Town" are right within a budget I am comfortable with, and the end product is always something with which I am envious. "Fixer Upper" houses, on the other hand, feel sterile and easily stainable, and cost well within $250,000 and more. 

Scuffs, anyone?

So, inspired by the kitchen mats, my original intent was to recreate the designs and play around with the colors. Instead, as I sat around my dining room, something we've thought about redoing, I realized the color palette I was working with was well within reach for our own house. 

This is out of my comfort zone. I am not one to design spaces. I don't normally look at a room and decide the colors and textures that belong there. 

Living and three-dimensional spaces are not my strength. I leave those to the dimensionally gifted, but for some reason tonight, I dug deep down and became an interior designer.

I consider this a total fluke. It will probably be another ten years before it happens again, so please don't hold your breath for my HGTV show.