Top Nine of 2018

Last year, I figured people just went through and created a grid of their personal Top Nine moments of their life showcased via Instagram. Lo and behold, it was an APP that picked those infamous top nine. An app. Last year, I picked my personal best Top Nine and created my own grid. So, I tried the app and the Top Nine posts were based on likes, and it was stupid. While I appreciate the 'likes,' it doesn't necessarily mean that those images were my Top Nine. MY Top Nine help to tell the story of my 2018, and while it was definitely one for the Record Books of Crummy, it wasn't without it's absolute diamonds. If it wasn't for those jewels that I put into my own Infinity Gauntlet, the year could've very much owned me.

One of my biggest failures (not writing near enough...if anything, really) turned into one of my biggest gains -- realizing that I'm also an artist and a designer. I may have set aside my need for a novel, but I picked up the cravings of an artist. It was few years ago when Steph suggested we go to @robertlangestudios while visiting Charleston, and while I harumphed for a second -- it was an epiphany. I needed that. It's one of the 7 Wonders of my own personal world. We also became members of @newfieldstoday, which I look forward to visiting more often.

So this year, I designed, wrote some of my best 2 Sentence Terrors, gave the #thepuptuals more life, became a board member of a @atowncenter1206, a nonprofit set on community and artists and more, documented my summer with a spoof on Pantone, and I was even nominated for teacher of the year for my school district.

My anxiety may have won a few battles this year, but I won the war.