Antiquing, Part VII

Our trip to the flea wasn't as successful as we would have liked, but as usual, I'm always looking out for the weird things that people try to sell. Sadly, I didn't find anything too bizarre, but it didn't stop me.

This forehead, though. 

This baby laughs in the face of death. 

Before there was Axe, there was Avon Spice. Fun fact: Did you know that Avon started in the year 1886?  

Which brings me to this. If Avon is over 100 years old, then this plate I found much later in the day just might be worth something. And...after looking around on's not. It's worth $6, if that. Which brings me to the next plate I found that would also not be hung on the wall.

For $3, you could have this inappropriate plate to either hang on your wall or serve little sausages on. 

I missed my calling. 

If I ever teach a creative writing class, I'm buying one of these bins with all the figurines. Then, my students will have to pick out two or three at random, and then write a scene. But first, they'll soak overnight in a tub of bleach water. 

The red cap gun has me wondering: Is Ricky (aptly named) a member of "The Sopranos" or does someone have a hit out on him?

Based on the box, all the physical activity Ken's involved in has put him in need of a chiropractor.

Indeed he is. 

Finger lickin' good. 

This "Knight Rider" lunchbox looks like the cover of a Harlequin Romance novel and not an 80s action television series. 

This is a lie. Christopher Walken is not in all these movies, nor are they really "classics."