Would you buy a t-shirt?

Would you show your support by wearing a t-shirt? If you do, people will ask you what My Bucket of Parts is, and then they'll visit my website out of curiosity...

...and probably roll their eyes.

"Like, what is this? There's no Pinterest hacks or food recipes."

For fun, as a part of the post-a-thon, I thought about what it would be like to have a t-shirt made that promoted the website. This first design doesn't sing to me, but you've gotta start somewhere, right? If it were a real thing, I would make sure it was printed on soft fabric, the kind of t-shirts American Apparel made famous.

But the one thing I'm missing is some kind of catchphrase. The first letter of each word does spell out MBoP, like the infamous Hanson song from the 90's, but I don't want to steal their thunder. They're actually still a touring band.

I need something to call my own, something that won't get me sued.