They get a snow day, but I don't

With all the weather talk that February was going to be baaad for wintery weather, I was just a tad bit excited that some of that might translate into some free days.

A bonus as a teacher is the snow day. Working other jobs, the snow is a nuisance, but y'all have to go in, right? You just have to suck it up and deal (and drive slow) but, since I deal with other people's children, the first priority is to keep them safe. If the snow is just too terrible, truly no one should be out in it, but the major decision to close schools is based on the ability of the Big Yellow Twinkie.

Thus far this winter, the Twinkie can plow through the amounts of snow we've had. If the buses can make, so must I.

With so much winter weather talk all over Facebook, I was really looking forward to some major snow. It did not happen -- or at least -- it happened, but on the wrong day at the wrong time.

The winter weather isn't quite over, yet, but for the time-being, the only ones enjoy snow days will be The Girls.