Introducing The Holidarian

After posting nonstop #2sentenceterrors during the month of October, I decided I needed a vacation. So, I packed up all my things, left my writing notebooks at home, and traveled to Hawaii for the month of November. I taught all my middle school journalism classes via Skype while sipping Mai Tais.

And then I woke up, realized it was the end of November, and saw that I haven't been a very good writer lately.

Not cool, My Bucket of Parts, not cool at all.

Last weekend, I kicked off the holidays by supporting a local historical theater during their "Festival of Trees Gala" where people decorated themed Christmas trees for auction. All proceeds went to the theater. After posting said photos to Facebook, I realized that a new persona had emerged.

One of holiday frivolity.

And so begins my new My Bucket of Parts series: The Holidarian.

Because, seriously people, we can all relate, right? Whether it's stressful or bountiful or down-right insanity, the Holidays hold us under its spell (or curse, depending if you hate this time of year).

This is the time of year when the Hallmark channel shows off all the best made-for-TV Christmas movies, like this one, starring Judith Light:

Judith Light stars as workaholic Samantha who's become a Scrooge. She's about to lose her husband during the Holidays, when magically, her younger self (who used to adore Christmas) visits her older, meaner self to turn things around. 

With lines like:
Who are you talking to, Samantha?

Samantha (looking at younger version of herself):
Oh, I'm just talking to myself.

Co-worker (unbelieving):
More like arguing...

Maybe I'll become a Martha Stewart for the next many weeks, or one of those really annoying food bloggers, where I post one million photos of the cooking process and write about how my homemade pumpkin spice ravioli spoke to me, before giving you the actual recipe. Or I'll hot glue a bunch of puff balls together and write in a monotone voice like a sewing craft show on PBS.

Whatever it may be, allow for The Holidarian to share with you tips, tricks and stories about this festive time of year.

But don't get too enamored because you've got those eggnog cookies baking in the oven, and we wouldn't want them to get burned, now, would we?