This is more difficult than I thought it would be

While some people were all giving up chocolate or coffee for Lent, I decided to go after my website and post for 40 days (and 40 nights).

I figured it'd be a breeze. Just be random, I thought. I don't need to be too thoughtful, and my goal wasn't to sit down and make anybody think. Write, write, write. 

And then, I find that I am a few days behind.

This is one of those. You caught me. I'm actually writing on a Tuesday night, not a Friday afternoon. I figured after successfully completing NaNoWriMo twice, I could easily plow through random posts, especially since I didn't have a specific word count that I needed to meet.

Writing a mad dash with a plot is much easier than coming up with new ideas on a nightly basis, hence videos and random Thomas Jefferson quotes. 

This very post, originally, had a very different title. I opened it up, suspecting some bait for my mind, but instead nothing was there for me to add on to. 

All I had was the title. 

"I'm going to do this for real this time."

What was I going to do for real? It could be any number of things. I'm an irrational person. 

Perhaps I was going to get a tattoo for real.

Bungee jump? 

Knit a sweater?

Who knows. 

But what I am going to do for real is finish these 40 posts.