They're trying to get the electricity back, but should they?

Here's the big question: Do we turn the power back on?

At this point, it's been days. Weeks. Perhaps months. What was once a constant instantaneous buzz of the world is out of our reach. The only pictures we've seen lately are the ones still framed in our houses, the ones we see in old magazines we're using as kindle, the ones printed in photo books we flip through when we're lost with with this new way of life. It doesn't matter if we like them or not. It's time to go back out and get to work. The livestock needs fed, the earth tended to.

Although life was cluttered, it was better before the end, wasn't it?

Or was it?

There's a new panic at the front of our minds currently. Healthcare is at a stand still. No one's continuing to create any of the medicines we rely on, especially for those that use them as a daily maintenance drug. First aid needs to be relearned by everyone. It's become lethal to even carry life-saving drugs because someone is always going to need it more than us. We protect it. It's now on lockdown. Whoever is on guard, protecting it, has a gun.

We're still getting used to cooking over an open fire. We have to hunt. We have to gather. We have to farm.

Our hands are dry, cracked, and in the cold, they bleed. The lotion's been gone for months, now.

Shouldn't we do what we can to get the power back on? What's left of us can pick up the slack and get society going again. We need things. We need power to make things.

Regardless of what we need, though, factions will form. A new fundamentalism will be born out of the ashes of life without electricity. It will be the electricity that got us into this mess and ain't nobody going to bring it back.

Except for those renegades over there who are packing their bags for the journey through town. They will risk their lives just to get the power back in ours.

It's all so cinematic at this point. The factions are starting to fight, and it's gotten ugly. People are dying simply because of this weird belief that bringing back power will cultivate an accelerated end to civilization.

"The earth wasn't meant for electricity!"

"Without power, the earth will heal from our reign!"

Marches. Chants. Sides. Battles. Beat-downs. Bloodshed.

Without a polarized congress to madden our senses, it's time to bring the opposition to ourselves.