The last week before deadline

Starting tomorrow, I have seven days until final deadline for this year's yearbook. There comes a time when it's time. I've hit the ceiling where, even when the book comes out in May, and I take it out of the box, as thrilled as I will be with it, I will instantly become tired of it.

All I've done is look at the thing all year.

It doesn't help that I get a little paranoid that something's wrong with it. Sure, I've gone through every page with a fine-toothed comb. The plus-side is how I've become more of an astute editor. But, I can't help but get just a little scared about what it is I've missed.

Did a four-letter word end up in the book?

Did someone stick their middle finger up in a picture? Did I miss that?

Do I trust middle school kids just a little too much?

I'm 99% sure there's not, but most teachers work isn't published in a book that's 152 pages. I think that's the most worrisome every year. I should get used to it, but I have that moment of panic every year. My fear is something will be discovered that I missed.

Then I get called down to the principal's office.

Because, a yearbook is forever -- technically. So, whatever mistake that gets placed in the yearbook -- that mistake is for forever.

You think diamonds are forever? So are yearbook errors.

I need to chill out.

*Takes a deep breath*