I don't subscribe to a newspaper

You would think as a journalism teacher, I would be all about the news. I'm really not. Have you tuned in lately? It's sadistic if you do. Now, I'm not completely ignorant of world events, but it doesn't help me feel better about life when I check in. It's one of the reasons I strayed from working as an actual reporter. One of my weekly beats was to check in with the campus police each Monday to see who was arrested over the weekend.

I really don't care if you were arrested for underage drinking or disorderly conduct. I really don't. I don't really want to inform the public either, because, really, they don't care who was arrested for underage drinking either (unless it was that horrible person you just don't like...but that's just awful, you be nice!).

What I do care about is participating in all the parts of a newspaper or publication. I enjoy the writing and reporting, but I also love the design, too, and I can't not take pictures. 

So, I teach. It's the one way I can do it all.