I can't stand this commercial

I have a twisted shard of dark joy that allows for me to hate stupid things. Like this commercial. 

I hated that it was on, but I loved hating it, and then I hated myself for loving the hate that I felt toward it.

Modern culture is filled with buckets of this. It's called hate-watching.

When "Peter Pan" was on NBC this past holiday season, people definitely tuned in and Tweeted. Some people were able to watch and take a ride back to their childhood when Mary Martin pranced around on stage in green tights back in the 50's and 60's (I've seen that production merely because my grandma owned the VHS). 

This time people tuned in to watch Allison Williams play the boy wonder in green tights, not because they were excited, but because they wanted to hate-watch it. 

My Twitter feed was more enjoyable than the actual broadcast.

That, and Captain Hook needed more cow bell.