Blog Post-A-Thon

Lent starts today, and although I'm not really giving anything up, I'm realizing that perhaps something I need more in my life is writing. Good writing. Bad writing. ALL of it.

This past November, I sat down nightly and wrote. By the end of the month, I had my second (third, technically, but my first novel is never going to see the light of day) novel written that I believe has some potential, whether I go after an agent or self-publish. In 30 days, I pounded out more than 50,000 words. It was stressful. It was creative. It was gratifying. By the end of each day, whether I liked what I had written, or not, I had created. All was good.

And then I hibernated through December and didn't type a word.

It's time to awaken the sleeping giant.


For the next 40 days (and hopefully longer), it's time to update my website with my musings. Sometimes, I wish I had a major focus like the Daddy Blogs, Mommy Blogs, Technology Blogs, Teacher Blogs, Designer Blogs, Recipe Blogs out there. Instead, my major niche is myself and the catastrophe I can be.

I think that's all I need.

So, let the giant be awakened!