The Maeve Under the Door

It's been too cold to play outdoors lately. The pads of the Girls' feet would get frost bite. So, we do some rounds around the coffee table, but Miss Maeve doesn't fully understand the concept of playing indoors yet. She goes all-out, 100 percent, while Nigra knows that she has to play with her indoor voice bark.

When we do try to play indoors, Maeve is all up in Nigra's business and tries to eat her face. Then, Maeve jumps up on the couch and tries to attack Nigra from above. To give Nigra a break from all the rowdy, we usually gate Maeve off in the kitchen. To her dismay, she usually perches herself up on her hind legs and barks at us in anger as we play with Nigra.

Playing without Maeve? It's unheard of.

Last night, we locked Maeve in the bathroom to get her out of the way for a few moments so Nigra could have her own session of Mommy-Nigra playtime.

And then we played with Maeve.