Gather 'round the fire, ya'll

And on tonight's line-up for CBS is -- nothing. CBS won't be the "most watched" network on TV anymore. Nothing will. The only king of TV will be one for the dogs, because we'll have made a retro TV into one of those cute doggy beds.

I'm sure some scientist will be able to rev up the power grid somehow (I mean, they did it in tv miniseries "The Stand" and Hershel's farm still had power in "The Walking Dead"), but not all of our creature comforts will return.

TV, I'm talking to you.

This force that informs and inexplicably makes modern society more smarter and incredibly asinine at the same time is probably not going to exist again. You have to remember, TV shows are mostly paid for by advertisers, and what are we going to advertise at the end of the world? Misery?

It'll be in surplus.

Do you know what that means? Gather 'round all of you, around this fire here, while I tell you a story.


While I read you a story.

Random visits to the library will allow us to pull books off the shelves to read.

These stories will break our hearts as we remember what used to be -- the warm bubble baths, the taste of chocolate, the smell of Downy fabric softener.

As we sit around the fire, we will also reawaken the love of listening to a story. It will be a privilege, or an honor, to be the one that reads aloud each night, continuing the drama or the comedy.

And when the Reader stops for the night, they better leave us hanging.

People can go and read on their own, not everyone is a fan of audiobooks, but the book that's been chosen is off limits to read on your own -- no one else will be able to read it, except for the Reader.

But then again, that'll probably create some anarchist movement within our camp over that one book.

"You can't tell me what I can or cannot read!"

Then one of us will have our hands up while at gunpoint. "Dude," one of us will have to say, "calm down. It's just a book..."

Yeah, I'm not going to enforce that. I don't want blood on my hands. So, nevermind. You don't have to listen to the book around the fire if you don't want. You can read it on your own.