Antiquing, Part III

I started "antiquing" a few years ago. I decided that as I get older, I should do things that old people do. I have added this to my list a lot earlier than other things, like using a donut to sit on or riding a chair up the stairs.

I actually enjoy looking at, and or purchasing, antiques. What's the point of purchasing things newly made when they already exist in the world? I have posted various pictures of items that have caught my attention. Perhaps, secretly, I really want them... Here are more items I just might secretly want:

We'll start with him. It's E.T., if he were Santa! They share the same eyes. Oh, and an added bonus: it lights up! This would be a good substitute for your child's night light. 

Use this book to brush up on faery culture before the next Gen-Con

Most families play this game already, but why not have it in a box? Even better? Inside, there's a mini-ball of blame. Is that why this generation of children don't accept responsibility? I blame this game with a Big Ball of Blame. 

What to do when you have the Keebler Elves over for a visit? Put them in this!

Let's just hope, when you open the Silent Butler, there's no silent-but-deadly fart in it. 

But if someone did deliver a nice loaf of silent-but-deadly in their silent butler, you could just place it in this here: a Smell Urn. What? It's a small urn? I don't think so. That A looks like an E to me. Plus, I like the idea of an urn that you would put potpourri in. Or silent-but-deadlies.