I wasn't a fan of Instagram at first. In fact, I deleted it the moment I got it. I'm not sure why. It was too complicated in its simplicity. I didn't like scrolling through the different filters.

Instead, I thought I would be a renegade and "print" photos from the Retrocam app. It only has 5 cameras styles, so only 5 apps to deal with. I thought that was simpler.

Then, I downloaded Instagram again...and fell in love with it, just like all the other bajillion users.

June was a long month for me (in a great way), but it also went by fast, as life does. I always cherish June because it feels like summer will last forever. June is a promise. I always open my arms wide open, making larger than life plans, and then I realize I fall short.

This summer, I just wanted to get into some kind of routine -- no big plans, here. I'm learning, finally, that I tend to let myself down. I did enough for routine, but I also allowed enough space to do whatever with my time, too. Like, I made it OK with myself to waste it. I don't often get to waste time so luxuriously like I do in June. It's a resource that I don't have a lot of, especially during March through May when I have track after school and no time to plan and grade.

With the start of July, the return to work/school begins to haunt me; I will need to buckle down a bit more, start planning, figure out this new RISE document and learn a new curriculum for a class I will be teaching. Until then, here is what June looks like: