Notes at the End of the World

I was just watching a cool video by a new group called Manicanparty, and the beginning of said video had two people robed in rags searching through piles of trash. The lady in the video, obviously the lead singer (or only singer?), was in her adobe with bottles over fire, reminiscent of alchemy, as she created...who knows what.

But, watching this video, as my pop-culture enthusiasm still revels in dystopian novels and post-apocalyptic stories, made me realize one thing: If there were to be some kind of "event" (no, not the failed NBC "LOST" wannabe aptly named "The Event") or some kind of crazy power outage (I'm talking to you "Revolution"), I've started to prepared would I be?

I've decided: Not very.

First, I would freak out because I couldn't post on my website anymore. Who would I be if I couldn't sit down, make some fun picture using my favorite website PicMonkey and send it out into the void for 5 people to read? I would be no one!

I need those 5 people.

Now, I know this seems worrisome and anxiety-ridden (and if you know me, you're probably like, uh, Mr. My Bucket of Parts, why are you doing this to yourself?), but I thought I could have fun with this. What are things I would need to learn or people I would need to meet in order to thrive in some kind of sci-fi disaster?

Now, I'm not sure which all types of scenarios I'm going to go through, but be prepared that I will hit them all -- even the ever-famous zombie apocalypse. Seriously, people, I watch "The Walking Dead," and I know what I'm getting myself into.

Er. Kind of. I kind of know what I'm getting myself into.