Found Treasures: The Heffer

Are you an avid antique shopper? What! You're not? I must enlighten you on the thrills of searching through junk. Some of the junk is so horrible, I take pictures of it so I can write about it. Other junk isn't necessarily junk, but items that whisk me away back to my childhood. It's time that I drag you kicking and screaming back to my childhood...or just down to the depths of my own random thinking. Let's get started and look at the first treat that was found...

The first treasure I'm going to write about is my first boombox. Do you remember these brown things? They were heffers. This tape player could be used instead of a hammer to build a house -- it's that heavy. It should be something you keep by your bedside at night if you live in a rough neighborhood.

Oh, how about a nice tape of music to fall asleep to? Don't mind if I do.

Wait, did you hear that? Someone's trying to break in.

Thank goodness I have my trusty brown Fisher-Price tape player that, compared to a Walkman, has a be-donk-a-donk. It'll knock that robber's face in.

This tape player allowed me to listen to my numerous editions of Wee Sing. Do note that I couldn't get enough of Wee Sing: Silly Songs. It taught me that if my name was Michael Finnegan, I would die and begin again. It also taught me that because I'm fat and stupid, I should just go eat worms, among other life lessons. This tape player, ehem, I mean boom box, taught me how to sing.