Broken Window

The bus was full. There were too many students, and the second bus hadn't come yet. We needed to get to the high school for the middle school county track meet, so some of my fellow coaches told me to drive since it was on my way home. This was great. I didn't have to ride the bus home with rowdy middle schoolers after placing second in county. I also thought it would be cool to drive with the top down on my convertible Beetle. So, one of the coaches came with me and he asked if I drove with the top down much. I said that I needed to put the top down more.

After the top was down, he shut the door and the window shattered all over him. We both froze. It had fallen all over him, and luckily he didn't get hurt at all. But the glass, weirdly sticky and light blue, was all over the parking lot and the inside of my car.

I got out of my car, put my hands to my face and said, "I'm not sure what to do." The glass was everywhere. I fell to my knees, grabbed a handful, raised it to the sky, screaming, "Noooooooooo!"

Then, I got my insurance agent on the phone and figured it out lickety split. There was no, "I miss you, Jessica!" happening here.