Moustache Wednesday!

I'm feeling creative, but not creative enough to invest myself in any of my projects. Currently, it's a napping Saturday. I don't nap unless I'm feeling so exhausted from my attempts at living that I can't keep my eyes open. I usually know this is the case when I'm in the mood to read. I open the book (or turn on my e-reader -- yeah, I'm one of those) and then I just doze off in an uncomfortable position in the recliner. 

Napping is a beast for me. I physically cannot nap. If I lay myself down on the couch, planning to nap, I will lie awake and feel my heart begin to start pounding. Then I start to get nervous and really hot. I close my eyes and try to breathe deeper, but instead my breathing becomes shallow. I become agitated because I'm sleepy, but I cannot sleep. 

It is not like this when it's night and time for bed. 

Something is seriously up with my circadian rhythm.