It may not necessarily mean I'm published, but...

I write for a random website called Ficly. It allows people to post short fiction and then you can read and comment on other people's fiction. What makes this site different than others is that you can write prequels/sequels to other people's stories -- so the creativity is boundless.

Sometimes, a story will get featured on the site. I have never really paid attention to this...until now, when one of my stories was featured. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm published, but it feels nice that someone took notice of something I wrote.

"The Thing That Betty Has" was only viewed 27 times, which isn't too bad, but that alone gave me the courage to submit the story to an anthology about haunted objects. As much as I love a good literary novel, I'm having fun sinking back into my speculative fiction roots. It's just way more fun.