50,381 words. I missed only two days. The second book in the series I'm writing isn't finished yet, but I think I learned a much greater lesson.


Well, at least the discipline I would need in order to take over the world. I've learned a few things this month of November:

One of them is that having bronchitis and, then, pneumonia, is not fun, and that sometimes, the weird light-headedness that comes with both can offer great ideas for writing. One Friday night, while my head floated around the room, it felt like helium was all up in my head, I pounded out about 2,100+ words. And they were good. I read some aloud to Steph and she seemed to like them. She doesn't even like to be read to...

Another thing I learned about myself? I also enjoy a giant mug of tea, very British, I know, while I write and I don't even put sugar in it. I have learned, while writing like a maniac, that I can enjoy tea plain. We have a box of Roastaroma that I particularly enjoy. It's like decaf coffee, but not made from beans.

Another thing I learned? I can work and write regardless of what time, what location, as long as I stay dedicated. I didn't get creatively fatigued. If anything, writing everyday was creatively rejuvenating. Even while hanging out with friends, I would begin to panic. "OMG! I haven't written yet today, I need to go!" The last time I tried to NaNoWriMo, I got all distracted and only committed to 16,000 or so words. I don't even know why. I have grown up a lot since then.

Since Nov. 30, I haven't worked on the book, which is stupid, I know, but I needed a little break. I'll return here shortly, after this brief interruption. I need every month to be NaNoWriMo, that way I would refrain from using any kind of excuse.

But I did neglect ye old website, so that wasn't so great. Now, if only I could figure out a way to do both with equal amounts of zest...