The "Forever Eden" Project

I should be working on my own novel right now, but I'm going to post-pone any structured writing time to introduce a new summer project of mine. As of now, I'm calling it "The Forever Eden Project." While cleaning out a storage room at our church, which I was not a part of, this book was chosen out of many different "inspirational romance" novels and given to me. When I first saw it, I chuckled because apparently I had a conversation about Christian romance novels with some friends (which I don't remember, but this is not unusual as I do not often remember half the things I say -- and the worst part is, they're usually funny).

I didn't plan on doing anything with it, but I threw it in my bag and carried it with me on Memorial Day. I'm glad I did because that same evening Steph had to go to Walmart. I stayed in the car since we had the Girls in the car with us. So, while she shopped, I read.

It took me all of four hours to read the 182 page book. It would probably take some of you no time to read it. I'm just a slow reader.

Now that I've read it (review to come later), I don't want to be alone with this fantabulous story. As a writer and a reader, my job is to instill the love of reading and writing to all. It is going to be my job, nay, my duty to make sure "Forever Eden" is read by as many people as I can get. Sadly, Steph has opted out. She doesn't often fall in love with the terrible things that I do.

But "Forever Eden" isn't terrible. It is the opposite.

It is a lovely tale about a, a gorgeous missionary (it his her cross to bare, sadly). This former-model-gone-missionary, Cassandra, is about to meet her match with Adam, a man who works with a logging company that wants the land where she works with the Fillipino natives.

Join me as we all embark on...