The Best of Antiquing, Part II

Before you start shopping, you need to eat at Big Hoffa's barbecue restaurant.  It's decked out in pirate garb. 

One of the items was this creepy doll stroller...

...because it was owned by DeBey. AAAAAHHH! 

I am quite the fan of Coke. I should have this in my classroom.  I'd put creepy dolls on it.

Who's flying the spaceship? Jack, Jim or Evan?

"I will kill you in your sleep."
These were my size. If I could be a part of the Naptown Rollers, these would be my skates, but they were hea-vey. 

My mom has two of these dogs. Same color -- black. But I think someone already owns the frame.

"I own the frame."

"Hi, I'm Horace."

"Hi, I'm Carlotta."

"I'm Pippi!"

Don't trust the cookies in the Cheshire Cat cookie jar.

No comment.

This one's certain no one heard it pass gas.

Another photo of my love for colorful Pyrex set-ups.

Do you need a grassy P?