Yearbook Distribution 2011

I think this might have been one of the calmest yearbook distributions ever. I had all the books laid out, people came and got them. My eye didn't twitch. 

In the past, eighth graders would go to Great Times the week before school was out and when they got back, they got yearbooks and they spent the rest of the day signing them. This year, we decided to hand them out the day before the last day of school, hoping that would cut down on the trouble (like drawing genitalia in the book, or writing "I just signed your crack" or having a student just go all Sharpie on another kid's the point where that kid needs a new book).

I always get nervous when I pop open the book. Even though I've never had this happen, I envision the F-word emblazoned on the pages somewhere, something I missed while editing. Then, I calm down and get over it, and then I start to hyperventilate because the principals get a copy. 

My nightmares of F-bombs start to dance again...and not only F-bombs, but an inappropriate pictures of kids showing off their middle fingers to the camera (knock on wood that I have yet to come across one of those).

I know those pictures and words aren't there. I just wonder if other yearbook advisers fret like I do.

I'm happy to say that our yearbook looks better than Fishers High School's yearbook. I looked at theirs today. It is just saaaad.