Why I like Cecil B. DeMile's "The Ten Commandments"

Every Easter, Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments" airs for 10 hours straight, interrupted every three seconds by commercials.

Oh, "Ten Commandments" how I love thee.

The movie is saturated with a melodrama that modern movies lack. There is no visceral realism. It is campy. I wish all modern drama movies were like this. I would probably watch more of the Oscar-nominated films if they were all like this. Especially "Black Swan." 

Actually, it's more like:

And you can't forget the fierceness of Yul Brynner:

And then, the shepherd woman that brings Moses down off his mountain:

With the Oscar for best special effects in 1956 (I can't believe they even had an award for special effects when my parents were 5)...

...this movie doesn't fail to deliver.