Double Rainbow Spring Storm

On a thrilling afternoon in March, the 24th to be exact, dark clouds decided to swarm over the state in what looked like a cataclysmic event. The sun was out on one side, while the dark brooding clouds were growing on the other. Later that night, we would find ourselves shoved inside Steph's closet with both of the Girls. I would notice that Raible panted so hard, a film of moisture would be all over the closet wall.

But before my dinner was interrupted by pitch black, high winds and lightning thrown from Zeus, I had the chance to see what few have seen before me:

The Double Rainbow.

Now, I didn't cry when I saw it, or completely lose my mind. But with my handy-dandy notebook camera phone I was able to capture it.

If you look to the right, you will see it faintly. I had to adjust the photo colors in order for you, my viewers, to see it clearly.


Half of the sky was sunny and bright while the other half looked like it was getting eaten by the clouds.

Luckily, on my way home, it was just spitting precipitation. And, luckily, no kiddie pools were blown across the road (last spring, on our way home from downtown, Steph and I were trying to beat a storm that was ravaging through Madison county, when a light blue kiddie pool was tossed across Martin Luther King Blvd. by the high winds).