Do the Bernie!

I have no shame when it comes to teaching. Teaching middle school allows me to act like a middle schooler (sometimes) (okay, fine...all the time...). In my defense, by acting crazy and not giving a damn, I'm teaching them that they need to be comfortable in their own skin and not care what people think. My goal is to model not caring what people think.

I also don't care what my students think. If they think I'm a total spaz, that's fine. Luckily, it has helped more than hurt.

My most recent outbreak is a new dance a seventh grader taught me.

"Have you heard of the Bearnie?" she asked.

"No, what's that?" I asked.

She got up and performed it for me.

 Which was inspired by...

So now, every second period, the Bernie is performed.

And yes, they will perform better on ISTEP+ because of this.