Nigella Thursday: 3.11.11

Thursdays are my night to cook since Steph works late. For Valentine's Day, she got me Nigella Lawson's latest cook book, "Nigella Kitchen." My goal is to cook her recipes every Thursday (it may be hit and miss for the next month and a half because of track meets and practice).

The first week I made her "Sunshine Soup," which was a fresh-tasting mix of frozen corn, garlic olive oil and roasted orange and yellow peppers. That was before I decided to go crazy and make it a Thursday night prime, and now I introduce to you:

The second recipe was an intensive food-processing and chopping edition of Sloppy Joes. Nigella simply named it "Barbecued ground beef." If you turn in to your cookbooks to page 33, class, you will find the recipe.
I wrote a note for Steph to tape on the door, so when she got home she would see it. I realized the pen I used was a tattoo pen, so I put it to good use while browning my hamburger and celery, carrot, onion puree. 

I had my meat ingredients, and on the right, I put together my wet ingredients, which actually called for Worcestershire sauce and bourbon. I tried to get a small bottle of Evan Williams (aged 7 years), but I had to go with Jim Beam because I didn't exist in a small bottle. 

It simmered for 25 minutes and I placed it on buns to make a sandwich. It was good, but I altered the recipe just a little more with brown sugar. It made a ton. The next time I make it, I'm having people over. 

And that way, you can visit with Nigra, too.