As you know, Jack Frost is crying shards of ice all over the mid-section of Indiana. It is beginning to cause damage. My hope is that we'll still be off tomorrow, which will give me ample time to de-ice my car which now has a nice candy shell, with a gooey Beetle filling. I'm beginning to get a little paranoid. The type where I can't feel my hands. 

Meteorologist Julia Sandstrom, from WRTV 6, decided to tell us, based on her "futurecast," that there could be a warm-up overnight, where the falling ice pellets could turn into rain. But, then, still based on her forecast and model, the temperature will drop again. This means any wetness could re-freeze. I shun her for forecasting that. SHUN! I don't want a warm up. I want no school. I want ample time to get my car de-iced! And, if there is a warm-up, I want to have ample amount of time to un-ice my car, especially if I must drive in the morning, so there better be a 2-hour delay at least. I'm sure some of you are thinking that I'm crazy for even thinking that I could have school in the morning, but until I get the call -- I'm going to school! 

But there's hope because Anderson University is already closed for tomorrow...

Another omen-bringer of paranoia is how the power has been flickering all day. It seems to have steadied itself within the past hour, but I decided to quickly shower once the first flicker happened, knowing that I may not get a warm shower for a while. According to some, I may never get a warm shower again!

I went outside to be proactive, and I tried to start chipping away at the ice on my car. That wasn't going to happen, especially while the second wave just started. Also, my little plastic tool did little damage. My goal was to get the ice off and then put a tarp over my windows, just in case we got called in to school in the morning. 

I can see it now. Thereis a slight warm up, and it allows the roads to be passable, and it allows schools to open, but my car will still be covered in a thicket of ice. I'll have to wake up at 4 a.m. and turn my car on so the heat of the car melts the ice, and then I'll have to watch it. I don't want someone to steal my car. I can see it now: "I can't wait for my car to thaw! Wait, look yonder! That Beetle is almost thawed!"

VROOM VROOOOM! Off goes the Beetle and I have no way to get to school. 

Don't even get me started on the actual possibility of no power. 

So, I await the 5 p.m. news to see if there's actually been any changes in the forecast.