Icepocolypse III: The Removal

We took to the streets today. Okay, not the streets. Although, from our view here in the house, the main street is looking pretty good. Instead, we took to the driveway, which is lethal to those without ice skates, and we did not have ice skates.

My dread was stated in earlier posts below about having an ample amount of time to clear off the cars. We braved the gentle snow, and bitter chill, to de-ice our cars. In the process, I broke two scrapers. I wasn't too sad about one, but I cursed when I broke the second one: the furry-mitt kind that encases your hand in faux fur so you don't need to use a glove. Both cars were freed within 20 minutes, and they were moved smoothly out of their iced-in spots.

While some were using hot water, gasoline, salt and other de-icing materials, I just took my fist to the car and shattered the ice. I don't say this to sound strong, it is merely truth, however. I gently punched my gloved hand around the outside of my car and the ice cracked. Here's why: the New Beetle Convertible is mainly cloth and plastic. The Beetle handles well in winter weather, and now I know that, even coated in over an inch of ice that was effortless to remove, the Beetle is still a great winter car.

It's too bad that I won't have to drive it, again, tomorrow, as my school district is closed, yet again.