Icepocolypse II

My dreams have come true. I will be able to take a pick ax to my car tomorrow, while sliding and sinking into the 2 inches (or more) of sleet that's out there, without the worry of going to school. 

In other news, we decided to go and take down our giant ornaments that were hanging over the garage. It's not what we had intended, however.

There was a loud crack against the glass of our storm door, and the wind was making our wind chimes thrash like a bad hair band. We got outside and unhooked the chimes. The wind outside right now is whipping the trees back and forth just like Willow Smith. Our giant Christmas ornaments were still hanging, so as the sleet hit our faces and hands like flecks of sea salt, I climbed on the ladder to get those ornaments down.

And then the sky lit up bright blue! I have never seen lightning during a winter storm. Steph and I start laughing hysterically because it is absolutely crazy out there. 

If I had spent any more time out there, I would've run around screaming and yelling, acting like it was the end of the world.