Sucking Wash Cloths

When I was a young chap, I used to take a lot of tubs. That’s what we called them…tubs. Wasn’t it?

I can’t remember.

Not that you would know…

I just don’t want to be one of those people that start making up things about my childhood so family members are like: “Where did you come up with that? That never happened!”

We all have them in our families, and I don’t want to be that person. I’m that person plenty. I don’t need another cause…


During those “tubs,” I would suck on the wash cloth. I would fill it up with water from the faucet, I think, and I would suck out the water.

Here’s the thing: I can’t remember if I used clean faucet water, or if I was a nasty kid and used the muck I sat in.

Let’s just say it was from the faucet. I don’t need judgment.

I stuck that wad of terry cloth in my mouth and sucked hard. It was like some mouth fetish.

No, not fetish. Fetish is the wrong word.

It was more of a sensation-thing. I liked how the terry cloth felt. I would chew on it, too.

Now, it wasn’t like was I was 15 when I did this. I remember being a little kid. So, if you’re wondering why I am so weird, you can stuff it.

Then, my mom had to ruin it for me. She told me that I cleaned my butt with the wash cloth, so I shouldn’t be sucking on it.

…and…now you can judge me.