They have gone LIVE!

I called Peggy at A Corner Cottage and asked whether she had received my bags. Apparently, they were placed in a drawer? and that’s why she didn’t find them…

Regardless of any confusion, they have been hanging in the store now for a week. They have stories attached to them, and they were on a coat rack.

She priced them at $29, which she said was low, but she wanted to see how they would “take off.” She’s very excited for me. When I picked up sewing, the first thing to hit my mind was never “I want to get things into a store to sell them!” I just thought it was a handy trade to learn.

And now, I’m going to be famous! Watch out Vera Bradley, I, too, will have a large factory up in Northern Indiana!

I need to get started on another bag to sell there. The two that are currently hanging are what I call “The Grandma Series” because the fabrics are from grandma-related materials. I think the next one could also be a part of the Grandma Series.