Bull in a China Shop

My latest project was to create a custom bag as payment. My wonderful logos were made possible by T&T Promotions, a company that works placing logos on different items. I chose a simple white fabric I found in the remnants bin, and they did the rest.

The embroidered set-up cost had a cost, and that cost was just paid this week.

At first, I wanted to just pay the set-up fee, but Scott, one of the owners, told me that making a bag for his wife, Brooke, would be best.

I asked her what she wanted, I emailed her photos of different fabric combinations, and after she chose the two fabrics that were the most “her” I got to work.

I took a t-shirt from Gap with a bull on it and went to town. Below, you will see the birth of “Bull in a China Shop” aptly named by Steph because, yes, there’s a bull on it, but if you knew me, you would know that I am a bull in a china shop. I need to be careful, and even when I am careful, something can happen, break or fall because of me.

Bull in a China Shop 1 

Bull in a China Shop 2 Bull in a China Shop 3

Although this bag is not for sale, I will be creating another bag that is different in fabrics, but similar in style. It will button shut with a tab, and it will have two giant pockets on the inside, and it will/can hang over your shoulder with two straps.