The Boyfriend Sweatshirt Tote

I have a Ball State sweatshirt that’s not a hoodie that I don’t plan on wearing normally. I like that it’s from my college, but I would like to do something else with it. Before I take it apart, though, I decided to use another sweatshirt, bound for Goodwill, and see what I could come up with.

I have created the Boyfriend Sweatshirt Tote. Although the straps aren’t super long, it’s great for carrying the heavier items when you go grocery shopping.

When I take apart the Ball State sweatshirt, I’ll be sure to make the straps long enough to go over the shoulders, since those are way easier to carry.

DSC_0388 DSC_0397


It’s the first bag that has the successful label sewed in as it should, so there wasn’t any sewing the bag to my pants.


Check it out now, while the supply lasts.