“Owning” my own business

I’m hitting a stride with this whole sewing-thing. I didn’t expect for it to amount to anything. That was never the goal when I picked it up as a hobby. It was just something I had recently wanted to learn.

I’m actually pretty good at it.

That wasn’t supposed to happen because I’m a photographer (or, so I thought) and I was trying to build up a photography/card making business. I began to work with my pictures by making hand made cards with them. I thought, “now, people will buy these and I’m going to have so much fun.”

I sorely found out that nobody really buys handmade cards. Not really. So, fun was not had. The only person that actually bought the cards was my grandmother. Then, when I got a card from my grandparents, it would be one of mine…

Nothing really became of the cards. I tried my hand at stationary, but I wasn’t really feeling it…and really…I’m not a graphic artist. Go to Etsy. Look there. You’ll find something that I could never have dreamed up. I did one graphic artist thing-a-majig and I think it was a let-down.

Sorry person that got that. I hope you don’t hold it against me.

As I played around with the whole card-making business, the next step with photography was shooting portraits. I expanded the business and added portraiture to the list of things I could do. To get my name out there, I started offering packages for auctions at a local Christian school. I figured, once those people luurved my work, they would show it off to others and my fame would be spread through word of mouth. \

Sadly, only one of the packages really “went through.” I took some fall family pictures, and they even hired me back to do some Christmas pictures. That was so exciting. “This is it!” I thought. “It’s starting.”

I went back, but as I set the kids up by the tree, one brother hit the other and it was all down hill from there.

As fun and wonderful as it would’ve been to get my business in photography going, it’s been a stagnant process. I decided that I would take pictures for anyone who would be willing, but I wasn’t going to stress out about it. Really trying to get your name out there and meet the right people is actually kind of expensive. I still get some sessions here and there, but nothing prolific. Prolific is shooting weddings. I refuse to shoot weddings.

During all this, I acquired a sewing machine and slowly, but surely (like the Little Engine That Could) I began to learn how to use the machine, and well. And then came the bags I sewed for an auction. And then came my own bag made from a pillow case.

Recently, I just think about the type of bag I want to make…cut out the pieces…and wallah a bag is made. With each bag, I get better. I have fun with it. It’s was something I am getting better at as I teach myself, as well as getting more comfortable with the sewing machine and the craft of sewing.

Luckily, with handmade goods, I can sell them online. I have yet to sell anything, but hopefully, that will change.

I am currently in the process of getting labels embroidered that say “Refridgerator Art, Freezer Bags” in my hand writing. Quirky and fun, to follow the original logo.

refridgerator art logo 3

Those labels will get sewn into the bags that I make, and they will look professional. And they won’t smear in the wash. Because, yes, my bags are washable.

Please, who do you think I am? Coach?

I’ve got two for sale right now on Etsy. The selection will grow bigger once I get my labels.