“The Last Olympian” by Rick Riordan

The Last Olympian In the last installment of the "Percy Jackson" series, we are thrown into the battle of the Titans and the Olympians. On New York Streets.

In my imagination, I tried to do my best epic fight scenes I could muster. With the help of the LOTR trilogy, thanks to Peter Jackson, I was able to do quite well with armies against each other, trying to wreck havoc.

Riordan did a great job finishing up the story lines of Percy and the other characters he introduced, giving them a pretty "happy" ending, which is what we like in fantasy novels. We didn't want to have Percy all strapped to a rock, pecked at by birds, a la Prometheus, did we? Nah.

The only happy ending was how the gods were still proud, even though the demigods saved their butts. It's like, c'mon gods! Get real. You ain't so powerful, are ya, when the Titan god Kronos was about to make you keel over.

But really, would the gods have been overly grateful? Probably not. Their problem is their pride. I still have a problem with the fact that these immortal beings are so powerful, yet so...human. They let their petty differences get in their way.

In the end, I applaud Mr. Riordan for creating a new land and use for the Olympians and hope to see more...as long as it's not some terrible, redundant attempt at Hollywood Sequel-dom.

I mean...Disney is his publisher, and you remember all those sequels, right? Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True?