Strawberry Fields Forever

I think I might be most proud of this bag. It's shows the farthest that I've come. It was also a year in the making. You know why? A button. Yes, a button. Just a simple, stupid, red button. But, it had to be the perfect button. The button that was the cherry on top. The creme fresh of an hors d'oeuvre. The snow on top of the peak of the highest mountain ever climbed by man! The...softest toilet....

You get it. There was this need for a large red button. The large red button was important, and I needed to get it right. If I didn't get the button right, well, the bag'd look stupid. And not just stupid, but stoopid. It took months. I searched through any craft store I was in, but the only red buttons they had were fire engine red, and I needed something with more orange in it. That color wasn't being made in large over-sized, circular buttons, but in tiny little ones that were shaped like a dragonfly. Finally, walking through an antique store, mine eyes traipsed across a small bag of two red buttons. I bought them, stuffed them away and then procrastinated. 

Finally, with time to spare in my schedule, I finished it. It's been named aptly, but since then I have sewed a new bag and sadly, this bag is no longer showcases how far I've come. If you would like to purchase this bag, please visit here. And buy it. I'm not stopping you. 

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