That one joke from “The Office”

I get it that middle school kids love to watch “The Office.” In all actuality, I believe that it was the “cool” thing to do, and so they all watched it because it was “in.” Did they understand it? Probably not entirely, and so they picked up on random tidbits that they thought were funny, like Dwight’s “shun/un-shun” gimmick. One of the major jokes that has been released from the show is one of those that can practically be told anywhere.

Pop culture will often overflow into my classroom, and usually it’s quite acceptable, but this latest was not.

My sixth graders were about to break out into small groups to work on different activities. Instead of saying, “spread out!” the words “spread her out!” came out instead.

Then, “that’s what she said,” came out of the mouth of one of my kids.