Everything but the kitchen sink...

What's wrong with this picture? Did I pooh foam into a bucket, you ask? Did I pooh foam and vomit bubbles into the sink? A both-ends cocktail?

Not exactly.

You are currently looking at my new dish washing set up. As if doing dishes by hand wasn't bad enough, the kitchen sink decided to clog and I can't get it to flow again. I've plunged. I've mixed baking soda and vinegar in a fizzing science experiment mixture. I've pipe-snaked. I've even been handy and unscrewed the pipes to see if the clog was hiding there. I even screamed "Marco!" but it didn't call back.

Stupid clog...small child...animal...or whatever is in there...

I will be doing dishes out of a bucket that sits on top of a toilet until the small child decides to crawl out of my pipes to go home.