"Run" by Ann Patchett

The story had a fairy tale feel to it. Everything turned out OK in the end, and characters deliberately learned from the events that life handed them. They were obvious life lessons, and so the characters turned out exactly how they should have.

If you're a person ready to read a family book where everyone has flaws and there's nothing but communication break down after communication break down, then you'll probably give this story 1 star and call it fluff. Not all family dramas need to play out with the fierceness of Joyce Carol Oates.

I'm assuming if this book were made into a movie, it would be much like "The Memory Keeper's Daughter," and air on Lifetime, or, it could be a Hallmark Hall of Famer. That doesn't necessarily play out to be a bad thing, because there's a place for such stories. Some people want a good family drama that doesn't end in suicide and familial alienation.

We've got two adopted black sons of a former white politician. The prodigal white son that finally comes home. The sons are motherless, but in the shadows lurks their REAL mother...with a daughter. They all come in contact when one of the sons is almost hit by an SUV. But there are even MORE secrets...

...but not deep dark ones that will tear a family apart. Actually, they are secrets only the reader will know, and not the characters.