"Reading" by Audio book isn't cheating...

While reading the Harry Potter series, I knew the only way to get through the series in a steady manner was if I added the audio to the mix.

Actually, I take that back. I had a co-worker tell me that the audio books were riveting because the man who read them aloud, Jim Dale, was masterful in his character voices. Taking that into account, I had just finished the first three books during the summer (me, burning the midnight oil while Steph left me for bed). I was ready to begin "Goblet of Fire" when school started, and just like any teacher/worker out there, I felt like I was about to run out of time for my beloved books.

Then I realized that "running out of time for reading" really is a myth. Just like saying you don't have time for anything when you work and such. Well, OK, some things I'm sure people don't have time for, but if you REALLY want to learn/do something...you'll make time for it. Since I had fallen under the spell of the books, I was sure to make time for it. Sure, "Goblet of Fire" is over 600 pages long...and I knew that the rest of the books in the series just got LONGER, but whatever.

I could handle it.

By listening to it. I got those audio books and I would listen to them on my commute TO work and I would listen to them on my commute FROM work. I would keep the giant tome with me regardless of where I went and I would constantly keep my place. It took me no more than a week and a half as I plowed through the books, either by reading or listening.

Anyway, to make this long story longer...it really turned the droll task of doing dishes into something I just didn't mind doing. I would get completely lost in the story.

During the past few years, my library collection from Half Price Books has grown exponentially from the $1 clearance section. To start plowing through those books, I was going to need a plan. And that plan has started. I have gone to the library and loaded up on audio books for books I own. Now, instead of being tied down to the novels I'm reading, I can put them on my iPod and take them with me. I will, hopefully, be reading an array of novels I have bought, figured I'd read eventually, but actually read them.

Or "cheat" as some people probably think.

Next on my list?

Could that BE any weirder of a list?

As a writer, I like to mix a literary style with an abundance of weirdness.