I have purchased a pair of skinny jeans

My Facebook status just updated is: I am keeping the skinny jeans.

Yes. I. Am.

I went out, decided that this lean physique of mine can handle it, and purchased a pair of organic cotton skinny jeans. The style is "sliq." Then I thought about it and wondered if I was trying to be too young. I've read articles and seen shows about people who do not dress their age, and although I don't want to admit that I'm pushing 30, I still want to look cool, without looking like I'm trying too hard.

It's one thing to hold onto your youth, but to look desperate while doing it?

Have you seen The Real Housewives of (fill-in-the-blank)? I cry at night realizing there are people out there like that, and I realize that, maybe, the climate crisis will never be figured out. That, and the genetic mishaps that call themselves greatness on that trash-show "Jersey Shore" don't quell my worries, either.

And, yet, I'm writing about keeping skinny jeans?

They are organic cotton, if that helps. I think they are my first pair of organic-cotton-anything. The soil in which the cotton was cultivated is healthier than the bodies of 'The Real Housewives" and "Jersey Shore." When those people wake up, they probably leave nasty grease stains on the sheets.

I plan on going more in-depth about my latest fashion statement, but I thought that I would at least mention it.